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 · Steps Download Article. Open the Google Maps app. The icon is green, blue, yellow and red and has a small letter "G" in the upper left corner. Tap on the search bar and enter a location. The location you entered appears at the bottom of the screen. Google Maps accepts a wide variety of specific and general fengjou.coted Reading Time: 2 mins.  · Google Maps for iOS is adding dark mode support in the coming weeks. Evan Selleck ∙ August 3, The wait is not quite over, and it's been a longtime coming, but dark mode support in the Google Maps iOS app is finally coming soon. But that's not all, either. Google has revealed a few different new additions coming to the app in the near.

Last Updated: March 29, Google Earth. Resolved minor UI issues with the Place Autocomplete widgets. GMSPolyline performance is improved for large polylines.

If you don't already have the CocoaPods tool, install it on macOS by running the following command from the terminal. For details, see the CocoaPods Getting Started guide. Open a terminal and go to the directory containing the Podfile :. Run the pod install command. This ioa install the APIs specified in the Podfilealong with any dependencies they may have. Close Xcode, and then open double-click your project's.

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  • Offline maps to search and navigate without an fownload connection. Google View and indoor imagery for restaurants, shops, museums and more. Indoor maps to quickly find your way ios big places like airports, malls and stadiums. Comprehensive, accurate maps down,oad countries and territories. Transit schedules and maps for downloaf 15, cities. Detailed business information on over million places. Some features not available in all countries.

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    Home Sweet Home Alone review. PS5 restocks. Black Friday best deals. Windows Windows. Most Popular. New Releases. Desktop Enhancements. Networking Software. Trending from CNET. Download Review Download. We highly recommend Google Maps for iOS to all users.

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    Full Specifications. What's new in version 4. Release October 9, Texture stamp images can maps distorted on polylines when using the OpenGL renderer Issue Mapss with segments that meet at an acute angle may appear differently on the OpenGL or Ios renderers Issue If your dependencies in CocoaPods or Carthage do not specify a ios number, Xcode will load the newest version and iow builds of your app will not support iOS Be sure to specify a version in your application's build dependencies in order to control when you raise the minimum downloa OS for new versions of your app.

    See the guidance on app maintenance best practices. A supported version of the Maps SDK for Android and iOS will be made available at least one year prior to the beta SDK being fully decommissioned, which is estimated to occur in late On all platforms, the Beta SDKs will be fully decommissioned, at least one year after a supported non-Beta version is released. We will communicate with you again once the new version is released, so that you can start your migration efforts.

    If you are not currently using features in Beta maps customization, marker collision handling, or polyline customization— AndroidiOSplease update your apps to use a supported version as soon as possible before the decommission in late See the Android and iOS documentation for instructions. Contact Google Maps Platform Support with any questions. Version 3. Old Style Removed - November 1, New Style Default - June 28, Enabled the new basemap style by default.

    You can still opt-out temporarily maps you need time to modify your app to accommodate the new style. If you do, please follow Issue which contains the timeline for end of support of the previous basemap style. We will be posting updates there as they are available. To opt-out, use the sownload snippet below. You must be using at least Version 2. If you had previously opted-in to the new basemap style, this should replace the code you added to gkogle.

    See the blog post download more information about the new style. Version 2. New Style Ioa - February 13, Enabled opt-in for the new basemap style. To opt-in, use the code snippet below. This release introduces custom styling of the base map Issue You can use a JSON style declaration to create a GMSMapStyle instance and pass it to the mapStyle property, to change the visual display of features like roads, parks, businesses, and other points of google. You can use styling download emphasize particular components of the map, or make the map complement the style of your app.

    It is now possible to apply "night mode" to maps, by applying custom styles. Issue Business POIs represent businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels, and more. See the guide to points of interest. You can hide POIs on a map by using map styling. Utility library update - July 19, Features. Version 1. This version is exactly the same as 1.

    It google downloqd to replace the removed 1. Notes - Setting GMSMapView selectedMarker to a marker not on the map is now ignored, always set the marker's map property before attempting to select it. Ggoogle 1. There was also the option to install recent versions from a CocoaPods pod. From version 1. Download version 1. Download Version ma;s. To maintain previous behavior, replace all references to the animated property as follows:.

    Changes to the GMSMarker. You can disable this animation with the following sample code. If you giogle use of either of these in your application, you will have to modify any existing downlooad as follows:. Alternatively, you can position the mapss with a geographic bounds. The below code samples are equivalent. From this release, we recommend that you position your ground overlay by defining its south west and north east mpas.

    To upgrade to the most recent version of the SDK, do the following:.

    Release Notes | Maps SDK for iOS | Google Developers

    Except as otherwise noted, the content of this page is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4. For details, see the Google Developers Site Policies. Routes Directions API. Places Places API. Get Started Contact sales. Guides Reference Samples Support. Support for cloud-based styling paid feature - October 27, Support for cloud-based downloaad is generally available as of October 27, in SDK versions 5.

    Version 5. Bug fixes: Fixed an issue in the OpenGL renderer where marker images were drawn slightly smaller than intended.

    Google Maps - Navigation & Transit - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download

    Known issues: Texture stamp images can appear distorted on polylines when using the OpenGL renderer Issue What google you need maps do? The background color of the map view has been slightly changed. Decommissions Support for iOS 11 will be dropped in an upcoming major version. The minimum OS is mals ARMv7 bit architecture no longer supported.

    Iis 4. This version is functionally identical to v. Changes are coming in version 5. To avoid unexpected errors, be sure to specify a version number in your Podfile or Cartfile. This will ensure that your builds remain stable against a known version, and will not switch to the next major version until you are ready to update your code. In cases maps two or more consecutive crashes are detected at initialization time, the SDK will attempt to restore functionality by automatically resetting cached map tile data.

    The new minimum is ios mals The new minimum version of Xcode is This allows Download to improve SDK stability when applicable. Bug ios Fixed issue where dwonload would crash when resizing map view in some circumstances Issue Fixed issue where apps would crash when particular custom styles were ioos Issue Some types of camera move animations were skipped if initiated before the map view had gone through a layout cycle Issue Resolved Issues Fixed a long-standing intermittent crash on startup related to CoreData cache Issue Fixed a crashing bug that occurred occasionally when removing overlays from a map.

    Improvements: Download the amount of work done when the map is hidden by other views to improve CPU usage. Fixes an issue where a crash could occur if markup entities were added to the map before the map was ready to google. The new minimum is iOS map. Known Issues: There is an occasional rendering bug when using the polygon overlay feature.

    The opt-in and opt-out API options see below are no longer supported. Note: Support for Xcode 8. The new minimum is Xcode 9. Added a click listener to the My Location dot. This allows developers to respond to interactions with the My Location doqnload. Added a Source attribute to Panorama searches allowing them to be restricted to outdoor-only results. Note that this feature is experimental mapa some searches may still include indoor panoramas Issue Improvements: Updated the default marker to match the new Google Maps marker.

    Resolved Issues: Fixed a compile error when the -Wobjc-property-no-attribute flag is used Issue Note: CoreImage has been added as a dependency.

    Easy Ways to Download Directions on Google Maps on iPhone or iPad

    This property controls how downolad area insets mapw with padding. IssueIssue Fixed an issue where setting either navigationLinksHidden or streetNamesHidden to YES still resulted in the navigation links and street names appearing. These changes should generally give improved performance. Dropped support for iOS 7, which enabled the use of modern core data threading models. This means that applications should be able to use -com. ConcurrencyDebug 1 when debugging with iOS 10 devices.

    How to download your Google Maps data

    This property restricts the camera target to the specified bounds area. Subsequent gestures are then also restricted to keep the camera target within the specified bounds. Improvements Fixes naming of certain enum cases in Googls. Resolved Issues Fixed an issue where the mapViewSnapshotReady delegate method was sometimes raised too early Ioe Resolved a problem where changing any property of polygon, polyline or ground overlay in between taps would cause tap cycling to break.

    This could make it seem impossible to tap through to items underneath. Fixed cameraForBounds:insets: to respect the currently set min and max zoom restrictions. See the quick guide to styling your mapusing night mode as an example style.


    Use styling to prevent certain features from appearing on the map. Learn the full power of custom styling in ios style reference. Resolved Issues Renamed the canGoOffline selector internally, to avoid triggering false positives during submission to the Apple app maps. Renderer in iOS has been updated to avoid a race condition google would cause rendering to not stop in time when an app transitions to background.

    An additional method was added to GMSMapViewwhich compares two camera positions to determine whether they are close enough to render identically. GMSCircle uos now always draw at least a dot for small radius circles, including radius 0. If you are using only the Maps SDK you will not be affected unless you have download your dependency on GoogleMaps to a version earlier than 2. In this case, you should update this restriction in your Podfile.

    Downlpad SDK demos are now available separately from Maps demo apps.

    Download areas & navigate offline - Android - Google Maps Help

    The Maps gpogle is now available as a download for manual installation. For details, see Get Started. GMSGroundOverlays now correctly respond to touch input when rotated. Marker info windows now render consistently IssueIssue Info windows created using the return value of mapView:markerInfoContents: will now correctly respect the height of the returned content rather than always voogle square based download the width. Fixed an issue where texture cache limit is exceeded on devices supporting google sized images.

    Utility library update - July 19, Features The new marker clustering utility helps you manage multiple markers at different ios levels on the map. By clustering your markers, you can put a large number of markers on a map without making the map hard to read. Get the utility library from GitHubfollow the setup guideand see how to implement marker clustering in your app. Changed lookUpPlaceID to not call its callback twice in error scenarios.

    Marker content can now show advanced animations by providing a custom view hierarchy to be displayed through the maps property. See the documentation for details. Info windows can now have their custom views animated.

     · Get your Google Maps data on iPhone and iPad. The process is exactly the same for obtaining your data through the iPhone and iPad app as it is online. But we’ll run through a condensed step-by-step without the extra details for iOS. 1) Open the Google Maps app on your iOS device and make sure you’re signed fengjou.coted Reading Time: 5 mins.  · Thankfully, Google Maps lets you download maps not just on your iPhone but also on Android devices to ensure your navigation remains a pleasing experience. Of course, offline maps show only limited information, but they are good enough to help you reach your fengjou.coted Reading Time: 4 mins.  · Download Google Maps - Navigation & Transit for iOS to find the best places in town and the information you need to get there.5/5(3).

    Map rendering now defaults to 60fps on modern iOS devices. Autocomplete widgets in the Places API now provide options for custom styling. Added a workaround to avoid a graphical glitch in snapshots taken using pre iOS 7 methods when the My Location button is disabled. Added missing Place Type constants. Added a workaround for mals limitation in Xcode 6. Added structured address components to GMSPlace objects.

    Getting Started | Maps SDK for iOS | Google Developers

    SDK method signatures have been updated with generics and nullability annotations. Minor bugfixes for the autocomplete widget UI. Old unused logo files have been removed from the SDK. Tap events on polygons near the anti-meridian are more reliable. Resolved an issue resulting in unrecognized selector crashes when calling class methods on categories. Resolved minor UI issues with the Place Autocomplete widgets.

    Updated GoogleMaps. Added Place Autocomplete widget classes. GMSMapViewDelegate has new events to indicate when map tiles and labels are pending and finished rendering. GMSPanoramaViewDelegate has new events to indicate when panorama tiles are pending and finished rendering.